How to Take Care of Best Work Boots

How to Take Care of Best Work Boots

In this article, we’ll talk about how to look after your work boots to enable the boots to provide long lasting durability and endurance. It’s a simple process that will prolong the life of your boots and make them look nicer. It will also maintain, improve or create waterproofing capabilities in your boots. Whether the boot cost you 40 dollars or 500 dollars you should be sure that it lasts and serves the purpose for which it was bought. Listed below are a few basic things which are possible to do in order to get the absolute most mileage from your work boots.

As a best practice, you must condition your boots every month. The work boot typically has to go through harsh environments and tough climatic conditions each day. This makes the leather become stiff and scuffed up. This stiffness will lead to cracks in the leather and if neglected can destroy the boot uppers.  The best way to go about this is to use your very own favorite oil or cream to condition the leather. If not it’s a good choice to purchase a good leather conditioner and preservative. Whichever product you use, make sure to check if it is made up of a mixture of wax and oil. The first thing to do is to remove the laces and clean up the boot by gently brushing with a brush or a cloth to remove all the dirt on the leather. This also lets the pores on the leather open up and breathe.    If you need extra cleaning as a result of thick dirt collections do use a wet paper towel and very light detergent and nothing more than that.  If you have to use water just make sure it nice and dry before you are ready to get into the process of conditioning.

Using your bare hand is the best way to apply the conditioner you choose on to the boots. The conditioner has to be just rubbed deep down into the leather. Make sure to apply the conditioner to every last piece of the leather including the complete tongue of the boot. Once done just give about 5 to 10 minutes for the leather to absorb the oils in the conditioner. Just by doing this small 10 to 15 minutes process can preserve the lovely leather state of the work boots and make them look new again. This also increases the waterproofing capabilities of the boot. It allows the leather to soften up and will avoid cracking

So no matter what kind of oil, conditioner or preservative you use to make sure you take the time to condition your boots at least once a month and if not at least once in two months. With the correct care and normal cleaning will help your boot live long. Using the above conditioning method will give the boot the extra mileage it requires to survive long. It seems bothersome; however it’ll prolong the life of your own leather work boots.


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